About Our Work

Academic Building at PAC University, Nairobi, under construction April 2010.

As PAOC Volunteers in Mission, our goal is to inspire, equip and encourage local ministries to reach out to the most hurting people of their communities, particularly those who have been harmed by violence of all kinds (including sexual violence, trauma, war and genocide). We have served in consulting and teaching in Kenya, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Malawi, Lithuania & Georgia.

1 Response to About Our Work

  1. Renatta Walton says:

    Hello – my husband Jef and I are recently appointed PAOC global workers to Village of Hope Kenya. We are still in Canada until we can finish (or start) fundraising. I found your blog on the PAOC website. Just wondering if you are in Kenya now or if you are based in Canada. I enjoyed seeing the pics of your time in DR – I just brought a team down to Every Day Ministries in August. Also, PAC is home for me too – I did my third year of Bible college there so I can so appreciate your ministry there. I’m sure we’ll meet sometime – on either side of the pond!
    Blessings, Renatta Walton

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