Ukraine, November 2018

In November 2018 we had the privilege of traveling to Ukraine, where Brent taught a course on Trauma Counselling at Korosten Seminary. Ukraine has a deep (and recent) history of political violence, persecution, repression, occupation, & nuclear disaster. Additionally, the society is also reeling from a drug/alcohol epidemic that is crippling many families and communities. However, as we have often seen in our travels, there exists visionary community leaders who are striving to meet these challenges. It was our honour to meet with some of them to wrestle with the big questions on how to deal with trauma in this country. We left Ukraine with a lot of hope for the future, knowing that the wonderful students we worked with, as well as other community members we had a chance to get to know, would continue to impact Ukrainian society in beautiful ways, sharing Christ’s love in tangible and intentional manners. We are already praying about a return to Ukraine for 2019!



Kiev; Ukraine: Tassels memorializing those who died in the 2014 revolution


Kiev, Ukraine: Stations of the Cross mixed with Revolution Memorials


Kiev, Ukraine: Independence Square


Our textbook for the course: Trauma & Recovery


Korosten, Ukraine


Korosten, Ukraine


Korosten, Ukraine


The wonderful students of Korosten Seminary

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