Brent & Christy are gearing up to return to Eastern Europe to visit two countries: . In summer, we announced that we, Lord-willing, will be traveling to Ukraine and Lithuania. In Ukraine, Brent will teach about Trauma & Addictions at Korosten Seminary. This region of Ukraine was impacted by the Chernobyl disaster, and the country has faced its own grave difficulties throughout its history, so this course will equip local counsellors and leaders to skillfully support those who are struggling with trauma and substance abuse. In Lithuania, Brent will formally consult with LCC University staff & faculty in supporting students (from the Middle East Scholar program, and others as well) who have experienced trauma and/or mental health issues. This unique program hosts students from countries such as Syria and Iraq, and these students bring with them a host of challenging experiences and symptoms. The university staff & faculty want to learn how to better support these students, so that will be the focus of our time together. We look forward to a challenging but amazing trip! Please pray for us as we travel, teach/consult, and for our children while we are away. You can also consider giving to help us fund this trip. Thank you and God bless!

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