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Passing thoughts after the morning in a Rwandan church…

~¬†Today, there were roughly 70 people gathered this morning at this community of faith, hope and love that supports each other as they continue to grapple with the genocide (and the other challenges facing immigrants in Canada). ~ Prayer, prayer … Continue reading

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“Is there a limit to forgiveness?” Rwandans are teaching us the answer to that question…

Tomorrow, our family will be visiting a Rwandan church in Toronto. This church was a ministry in which it gathers groups of Rwandan immigrants to talk, pray, and heal from the incredible atrocities experienced during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.¬† … Continue reading

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What were you doing 17 years ago right now?

The spring of 1994 was a really interesting time for me (Brent). I was getting set to graduate from high school, and getting ready to go on a 2 month long trip to Guatemala to volunteer at a school there. … Continue reading

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